Taser 101: What Are Tasers & How They Work (The Ultimate Guide)

Tasers are handheld devices that are used by law enforcement agencies to incapacitate suspects. They work by transmitting a 50,000-volt electric shock that temporarily disrupts the body’s neuromuscular system. The device is designed to be non-lethal and is considered a safer alternative to firearms in certain situations. Tasers are primarily used to incapacitate people, allowing … Read more

Tasers vs. Stun Guns: (Differences & Which Option Is Better For You?

Tasers and stun guns are two popular self-defense tools that people often consider when looking for non-lethal options. Although they both use electricity to incapacitate attackers, there are significant differences between the two devices. Understanding these differences can help individuals make informed decisions when choosing the right self-defense tool for their needs. A stun gun … Read more